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My theory for creating and maintaining beautiful skin is Utilizing the physiological functions of the skin.

The appearance reveals the inside.

Beautiful skin requires polishing from both the inside and outside.

Even if you only polish the outside of your skin, it will always be dragged down by the inside and return to its original state.

Your skin is the area most affected by what you eat. Nutrients and minerals are necessary to create and grow new, healthy skin cells.

It grows from what you eat.

Twenty years ago, it was common knowledge that the skin is an excretory organ, so no matter what you apply to it, it won’t absorb it.

A special way to create beautiful skin  The month I celebrated my 65th birthday

I have always thought of it as a sensor.

You can feel what is applied to your skin and it changes for better or worse.

The key to producing beautiful cells is to soothe the deep layers of your skin with treatments that heal your bare skin. Similarly, when it comes to things we put on our skin, will our skin feel at ease with synthetic chemical ingredients that have no memory in our DNA? Reassure your DNA. Listening to music and frequencies. Fragrance ingredients should also be of high quality. And by feeling the energy of nature, the skin cells regain their vitality.

Proper stimulation of the skin is necessary We have the power to fight back if we are attacked. is immunity Therefore, I believe that in order to maintain beautiful skin, there are times when you need to attack correctly and times when you must focus on defense. Even if the skin is attacked too strongly, the cells in the skin will die. If you repeat it, it will turn into cancer. Even if you protect yourself too much, the power of your skin will weaken.

The period varies from person to person. Find a therapist you can trust and have the ability to discern.

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